An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure~

-Benjamin Franklin

While Mr. Franklin was commenting on fire safety, the saying could not be more true in regards to having your home inspected.  Buying a home is exciting - but also stressful!  One of the worst things to occur after signing the closing paperwork is to have a major unexpected expense in the home.   No home inspection can predict the future, but getting an inspection prior to closing can save you thousands of dollars by identifying major and minor problems that can add up to a ton in repairs.  Not to mention, a home inspector can identify safety hazards that could become a danger to you and your family!  



standard home inspection pricing:

Other Areas/inspections:

For home inspections outside of the above radius, or for multi-family homes call or email for a quote!

For homes inspected within 25 miles

of the City of Sterling, CO:


Under 1500 square feet: $300

1501-2500 square feet: $325

2501-3500 square feet: $350

3501-4500 square feet: $375

4501+: call for quote


Re Inspection price:

For current clients that wish to have a re-inspection on the property - due to restrictions at the time of inspection - or to verify if repairs were made: $150

terms and payment:

Payment is due at the time of the inspection.  Accepted forms of payment are cash, check, and credit card..  If the home purchase does not go through for some reason, but the inspection has already been done, the buyer is still completely responsible to make the full inspection payment.  Four Seasons Residential Inspections LLC has the right to change any prices at any time.